Shaswati Saradar

Deputy Chief Executive Officer - India
Sectors : Media and Media Research, Automobiles, Branding, Venture Capital and Startups
Locations : Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore - India
Language : English, Hindi, Bengali

Ms Shaswati Saradar, a seasoned professional, has had an enterprising career spanning 25-plus years with a proven track record of incubating companies, scaling up businesses and building operational efficiencies. Having started in the media space for large conglomerates in India, she has successfully transitioned and built her portfolio in the M&A space.

Leveraging on her core strengths and deep industry understanding, she has been instrumental in shaping policies and introducing reforms via multiple product launches. She is highly sought after for consulting/mentoring fledgling businesses and is on advisory boards across sectors and industries.  She is a keen learner of fast-emerging new business models and has been coaching and training upcoming business leaders. She has helped many businesses scale with a well-defined purpose and focus.

She holds a Bachelor's with Honours in English from the Prestigious Presidency College, Kolkata and a Masters in Communication. She has passionately contributed and volunteered for many causes for underprivileged children. She loves travelling and is a trained Bharatanatyam dancer.

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