Antoine Mallard

Antoine Mallard

Business Advisor – Private Equity, M&A and ESG | Business Head – Continental Europe
Sectors : Technology, Telecom, Media, Pharma, Energy, Defence, Retail, Education, Artificial Intelligence, ESG.
Location : Paris, London.
Language : English, French, German.

Antoine brings over 25 years of experience in investment (PE and hedge funds, all company sizes, sectors and geographies) and advisory. He has spent over a decade in London as an active hedge fund manager defending the rights of minority shareholders and helping large corporations deliver values. Antoine has a strong track record as an investor and a rock-solid reputation as an advisor, and he is recognised for his problem-solving abilities, contrarian approach, empathy and ethics.

Antoine has a long-standing passion for AI -working with a world leader in explainable AI impact, ESG, and human psychology, especially in decision-making. He teaches PE and M&A courses at the MBA level at some of the most renowned business schools in the UK (Cambridge University), France and Italy.

Antoine has a Master of Science from Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, one of the top 4 French renowned Grandes Ecoles, an MBA and is a certified company director.

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